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She didn't give a lot of details since I was a young teen. That's why she's in with Marilyn Manson, who she's been following since he started. First, there are a lot of photos of the members of Mötley Crüe in this post which makes sense because DUH. Diamante said she realized her groupie "calling" at 14, when, as a fan of Aerosmith, she learned about Bebe Buell -- singer, model, mother of Liv Tyler with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tylerall-around super-groupie. Gene Simmons came across as a little creepy.

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He said he has been propositioned by a woman in line kilde an autograph signing. Tall, slim and leggy, with heavily lined eyes and bright red lipstick, Diamante wants to be clear: Lastly, not all of the girls in this post are groupies, some are models or perhaps strippers who were used in various photo shoots that still fit the profile for this post. Everything they do seems really fake and really rude. KISS and a few groupies in 1976. Some musicians also have open relationships. Members of Canadian heavy metal band Helix and a bunch of bikini girls.

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Charles has dreamed of being a sexy playgirl elsker sin. And it's not the point, said Lexa Vonn, a groupie based in L. Vonn has taken the groupie lifestyle to a new level with The Plastics, a sorority sexy band groupie "professional groupies" that she describes as "a rock 'n' roll version of the Red Hat Society or the Girl Scouts. Members of Canadian heavy metal band Helix and a bunch of bikini girls. It continues to be every teenage girl's dream; following their favourite rock star as they travel across the globe to exotic locations, performing to hordes of adoring fans and, of course, partying with all of the other veritable "rock n' roll poet sex gods" of the musical scene. Such star chasers have given groupies a bad name, she said.

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We've all dreamed of meeting our favourite rock stars. Here are the tales of the women who did.

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They're the girls who hang out backstage with the band, usually to find an escape by diving into the sex and drugs that go with rock 'n' roll.

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14 groupies who f**ked their idols and are willing to tell us all about it.

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